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Our experienced team of chiropractors provides Greeley, Colorado with the very best in chiropractic care. Our team is experienced in helping correct issues within the spine to get our Greeley community back to optimal health. The staff at Rev Chiropractic makes your health a priority and cares about each individuals outcome. Visit us today and join the Rev Chiropractic family.

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Dr. Tyler terry
chiropractor greeley colorado dr tyler

Dr. Tyler is a Greeley native, and it will always have a special place in his heart. For Dr. Tyler chiropractic is a way of life because his father was also a chiropractor. He was able to appreciate the wonderful things chiropractic care had done for people, and will never forget some of the stories he heard. Enlightened by the power of the human body to heal, Dr. Tyler pursued his father’s footsteps and attended Life Chiropractic College West where he graduated Valedictorian.

The Love Dr. Tyler has for his hometown, he decided to put his roots down and serve the Northern Colorado community. He is devoted to giving his very best to every single person that walks through our doors. He can’t wait to meet you, and discover how he can help in your journey!

dr. hailey hirata

Dr. Hailey is a Southern California native with a background in kinesiology and body work. She was introduced to chiropractic while working in a chiropractic office in 2011. This is where she experienced the wonders of chiropractic, and saw how it changed every aspect of people’s lives- from sports performance to improved happiness!

This sparked an urge for her to be able to help people in an even greater way! She decided to make a career change, and 4 years later graduated from Life Chiropractic College West.

She is so excited to be part of the Greeley Community to share her passion for healing the human body through the chiropractic adjustment!

Chiropractic assistant

My name is Yasenia, I was born in Nebraska, raised partly there and in Texas. I have been a resident of Colorado for more than 10 years now which I have loved. I have always had a passion for wanting to help people in the community. Learning new ways to exapnd my knowledge & be of better service to others and my self is what I strive for. 

I am a graduate of Greeley Central High School where i shared a desire with other classmates to help Greeley become a cleaner, eco0friendly environment, with more flora. I’ve always loved to giev a helping hand and now i continue to volunteer for clean-ups around Greeley. Being in Colorado’s beautiful nature with family & friends whether it be hiking, camping, or swiming is my favorite pastime. 

Being in a family full of medical professionals I’ve always wanted to find a lace I could make my passion a career. I’m excited to be at Rev Chiropractic to help people feel better and be a part of their overall improvement in life!

Chiropractic assistant
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Hi, my name is Katia. I was born in Mexico, raised here in Greeley co. I am a graduate of Greeley West high school. On my free time I like to read, go hiking, spend time outdoors or just spend time with my family whenever I get the chance. 

I enjoy trying new things and going on random adventures, it’s always a good time being surrounded by those who share the same interests as I do.

I spend a lot of my Sundays at my local church. As well as going to church conventions whenever there is time. 

I really enjoy being around people and being able to help in whatever I can whenever I can. I’ve always had a passion for helping those that need it, so I help out as much as I can in the community and at church. 

I’m really glad to be working here at Rev so I can continue helping the community and helping those who need it. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity that’s not only going to help me but also help those around me. 

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I am amazed at the Chiropractic Standard's subtle but most effective way of adjusting. Having twin toddlers causes me to bend and lift all day and night. Going to Dr Haley and Dr Terry is the tune up I need. Also Crystal up front is very informative and helpful. I just got adjusted yesterday and slept so well, my body feels amazing this morning. Thank you guys.

Raquel J.

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